Clif Bar – My Solution for Fueling and Hydration

I always thought I was one of the most resilient eaters that I knew.  I felt like I could consume pretty much anything and rarely was my stomach upset.  But when it comes to athletics, my stomach does a total 180.  I remember when I was 12 years old competing at the Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships in Salem, OR and drinking OJ just before the race.  Less than a half mile into the run I literally threw up all over some poor, unsuspecting girl’s spikes.  I remember the gasp of disbelief and disgust as I projectile vomited all over her.  Being the competitor that I was though, I just yelled “Sorry!” and kept going.  The memory still makes me cringe to this day.
When I came back to sport and started competing in triathlons, I initially refused to eat or drink ANYTHING during races.  In my first 70.3 I didn’t eat or drink a single calorie or drop of fluid.  What a mistake!  But as I have evolved as a triathlete, so has my fueling, and over time I have come to realize that I do not do well with consuming high-fructose-based products.  My stomach simply can’t take it.  Which is how and why I came to start using Clif.  Everything Clif make has simple ingredients and no fructose, which means it is easy on my stomach.  Clif products are amazing, and I feel so lucky to be working with a company and brand that meets my needs day in and day out as I swim, bike and run my way through every session.  This video, produced by the amazing Verdict Digital team, gives a little glimpse into my fueling patterns with the Clif goods!  Thanks Clif for being part of my journey!
 Don’t Dream It.  Be It.
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