I am a CycleOps Powered Athlete

In 2012 I started working with CycleOps as one of their sponsored athletes.  CycleOps is a brand I love and believe in for so many reasons.  For me, I strive to partner with brands that not only have amazing and reliable products, but also companies with unyieldingly high standards and values that are in line with my own.  Saris/ CycleOps has incredible character and in working with them and through their support, I have made tremendous strides in my cycling in a very short period of time.  I’m so proud to represent the CycleOps brand.  Here is a look into what it is like to be a CycleOps Powered Athlete!  Thank you so much to Verdict Digital for their amazing work on producing this vid.  They are the bomb diggity!

Don’t Dream It.  Be It.
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