Finding A New Strong – My Return to Racing – Miami 70.3 Part 1

I’m sitting on a plane, bound for Miami, shooting off e-mails to my sponsors letting them know that “Yes!  I am racing this weekend”!!  I’m also seriously contemplating what is ahead for me this weekend.  The term that keeps coming to mind is “Yikes!”.

It’s been almost 6 months since I last raced.  I know of MANY other athletes who have been out for longer, but 6 months, nevertheless, seems like a long time.  It feels like ages ago when I toed the line a healthy athlete, as almost every race I did this year was executed in pain and with a progressing injury.  This will be my first race of 2014 where I will be healthy.

I’m thrilled and excited and really quite joyous about competing this weekend.  It is a celebration of a lot of hard work and patience over the last many months.  A lot of time spent resting.  A lot of time spent rebuilding.  A lot of time spent on strength, mobility, technique.  A lot of time spent in rehab.  It’s a great feeling to be returning to the thing I love most about this sport – the racing.

But I am also admittedly nervous.

On one hand I know the pressure is off.  It is my comeback race.  I only started running 4 weeks ago and I know I am not in peak racing fitness.  This race is meant to dust off the cobwebs and get my body ready for the coming months of racing.

On the other hand, I feel pressure.  All self-inflicted, of course.  I don’t like using excuses as a pre-cursor to performance – I feel like when you line up to race, you race to win.  No excuses.  And where I have no gauge as to where I am at – the unknown is a scary feeling.

I’m also putting pressure on myself because I want to do my sponsors proud.  I want to validate to them that I not only will be back, but that I WILL be back better and stronger and faster than when I left.  Performance is only one part of how we contribute as sponsored athletes, but it still plays a role, and putting up wonderful races is a way to inspire, motivate and capture the attention of consumers.  So yeh – I want to perform.

One this is for sure, this weekend will be an exciting and special weekend for me, and I truly cannot wait to get out there and at least get a benchmark of where I am and where I need to go.

Miami 70.3.  The start of a new season.  2015.  Here.  We.  Go.

There are SO many people to thank, but a few special shout outs go to Matt Dixon (my amazing coach), Foundry Performance (strength and rehab), Stacy Sims (nutrition), Kevin Burns (massage), Anthony & Robin DuComb (fake SF parents), My real Mom, Dad, brothers and their families, the Shift SF Cycling and training studio & community, and my dear friends and training partners – you all have been so instrumental and played a significant role in my rehab process – Thank you, and I hope you all will be celebrating with me this weekend when I cross the line!

Until next time (and post-race)!

Don’t Dream it.  Be it.

Little Red

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