Simply Incredible

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the Slow Speed Wind Tunnel in San Diego with Cervelo to test out their new and highly anticipated time trial bike – the P5.

Every part of my day was simply incredible, and on my drive home the next morning, I spent a good chunk of time feeling kind of over-the-top stoked/ still in slight disbelief that I get to be part of this team and work with such an inspiring group of people (and not to mention ride ridiculously fast bikes).

I thought I would share a little bit about my experience, and why being part of Cervelo now means that much more to me.

Incredible was the opportunity to do testing in a facility where legends have been made.  I got chills as I walked down the halls lined with pictures of cycling and triathlon superstars – Dave Zabriskie, Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong, Julie Dibens, The Schleck brothers, Spartacus, and Mirinda Carfrae to name a few.  I still can hardly believe that two years ago I was standing on the side of an office building in NYC smoking a cigarette, with all thoughts of being a professional athlete a distant memory.  And now, I was being tested in a wind tunnel on the world’s fastest bike, doing photo shoots with Olympic time trialing hopeful Dave Zabriskie, and being coached by the industry’s finest on how to decrease my drag coefficient.  It all still seems a bit surreal.

Incredible was the opportunity to meet and spend the day with the people, the personalities and the minds behind every Cervelo design.  To say I was (positively) blown away is an understatement.  Not only was every person I met friendly and helpful, but the team dynamic and work ethic of the entire group was jaw droppingly fantastic.  It was a big day of filming, interviews, testing, photos, etc, but everybody worked their butts off and did so all while projecting this almost tangible feeling of positivity and excitement.  I felt like I was being sucked in and welcomed into the making of something BIG.  It was so so cool.

I also quickly sensed a high level of respect and comeraderie between colleagues – something which is easy to replicate in low stress environments, but hard to keep together in higher stress, time crunched situations.  These guys made it look easy.  It made me thankful to be part of a company that encourages the kind of culture and team atmosphere that can unknowingly inspire the average bystander (that would be me!).

Finally (and of course), Incredible was the chance to be one of the first to test ride and see the beautiful, amazing, awesome, stunning, HOLY COW, knock your socks off, I might pee (and potentially even poop) my pants-I am-so-excited Cervelo P5.  The marketing team who came up with the “Simply Faster” slogan is genius.  This bike is not only simply faster, it is simply awesome. I’m not kidding when I say that the coolness factor alone will probably shave 2-3 minutes off of anyone’s bike split.  You get on that thing and you just feel FAST.  No joke.  Anyone who is lucky enough to get your hands on one of these babies should.  It is a winner!

I want to extend a huge thanks to the Cervelo team, in particular Phil White and Lesley Loughlin, who have welcomed me onto the team from the start.  And to Damon for all he taught me during my day there.  And to my other sponsors – Shimano, CycleOps Power, and ISM for all of their help in making sure I had everything I needed for this trip.

Until next time.

Don’t dream it.  Be it.



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